Meet Sensor-1

The security system that

fits in the palm of your hand

Meet Sensor-1

The security system that

fits in the palm of your hand

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“No matter how polite they are when they arrive, wandering houseguests turn curious. If MetaSensor's Sensor-1 moves, it messages your smartphone, alerting you to whoever is poking through your medicine cabinet or coat closet.”

Popular Science Magazine, May/June 2016 | Read More

More than a keyfinder

Place Sensor-1 on items you want to protect, and if they move—you'll know

1 motion

9 degrees of freedom. Detects real-time changes in motion and orientation.

2 arms

Set it and forget it. Automatically arms and disarms based on your proximity.

3 left behind

Left-behind notification. Prevents the accidental loss of important items.

4 independent

Autonomous. Operates independent of the Aletha mobile app.

5 communicates

Versatile. Communicates with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

6 logs

Data logging. Logs significant motion events while you're out-of-range.

Smart Home

Receive a notification when something important moves

"Alexa, I'm leaving." Arm Sensor-1 using Amazon Echo and a simple voice command.

Airbnb & shared housing
Sensitive documents
Fences & gates
Cabinets & valuables
Garage door
Firearm security

Finally, have peace of mind while you're away

Backpack, briefcase, bags
Hotel rooms
Office equipment

"Jill's laptop moved." Alert office security if your valuables move while you're away.

Tech Specs

1" wide, waterproof, and easily portable

Motion & Feedback

  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • 3-axis gyroscopic sensor
  • 3-axis magnetometer
  • Three high-luminosity RGB LEDs
  • Configurable high-output siren


  • Bluetooth Smart
  • iBeacon compatible
  • Range of ≤ 300 ft. line-of-sight
  • Secure Simple Pairing
  • Key exchange via ECDH
  • AES-128 data encryption
  • Bluetooth firmware updates

Physical Details

  • Width: 26mm (1 inch)
  • Height: 12mm
  • Weight: 6.63g
  • Translucent enclosure optimized for LED diffusion
  • UV and impact resistant polycarbonate
  • IP67 waterproof to 3 meters

Aletha Mobile App

  • Available for iOS and Apple Watch
  • Android app slated for Q2 of 2017
  • API available for custom app development


  • Replaceable CR2032 coin-cell battery
  • 1+ years estimated battery life (Stealth Mode)

Mounting Options

  • Cases available for secure attachment
  • Sticks to surfaces with included 3M Command™ Strips and Glue Dots
  • Template available for 3D printing cases


  • Packaging made with eco-friendly materials

Sensor-1 in Action

Sensor-1 Overview Video

Fun fact: The first two actors in this video are both Stanford PhDs!

Sensor-1 in 5 Seconds

Arm Sensor-1 in seconds—what will you do with all that extra time?

Multiple Orientations

Sensor-1 can distinguish between various orientations when armed.

Protect your Airbnb

Stick Sensor-1 on your door and know when your guests arrive!