Aletha Platform

Manage your devices,
automate your environment

Deploy Sensor-1 in five seconds.

Place Sensor-1 on items you want to protect, and if they move—you'll know. Superior to novelty items like keyfinders, Sensor-1 uses an accelerometer and a gyroscopic sensor to detect real-time changes in motion and orientation.

Swipe to Arm

Place Sensor-1 on something important, swipe, done. It's that easy. Your move—every other security system, ever. Video.

Proximity Auto-Arm

Arm Sensor-1 automatically when you walk away (you can set the distance in the app). No need to press buttons at all. Future.

Sensor-1 API

Use the Sensor-1 API to harness the real-time data for your own apps.

From measuring the impact exprienced by athletes in sports like football to collecting data about the motion and orientation of objects and assets, the Sensor-1 API can be used for a variety of third-party applications.

1  [
2    "Accelerometer": {
3        "Accel_x_axis": "10",
4        "Accel_y_axis": "32",
5        "Accel_z_axis": "420"
6    },
7    "Gyroscopic_sensor": {
8        "Gyro_pitch": "25",
9        "Gyro_roll": "125",
10       "Gyro_yaw": "44"
11   },
12   "Settings": {
13       "Motion_sensitivity": "4",
14       "Siren_volume": "60"
15   }
16 ]